About Us

Brief information on our application.

This App contains audios and videos of various scholars in Hausa, Yoruba, Kanuri and Fulfulde languages. Currently it has voice of Sheikh Jafar Quran Tafsir and his lectures (various topics, tambayoyi and Sifatussalatul Nabiy book translation) in Hausa.

It also has Tafsir and lectures of various scholars in Yoruba, Kanuri and Fulfulde languages from different scholars like Sheikh Daurawa, Sheikh Isa Pantami, Sheikh Yahya Haifan, Malam Bello Yabo, Malam Ahmad Garkawi, Malam Santuraki Kumo, Malam Goni, Sheik Muhammad Abubakar Kachalla, Malam Abdulwahab Gwani, and Malam Lawal Kalarawi.

Other things included are lectures done by women, wakokin Hausa together with Fulani andKanuri Poem. We are also working to include Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Hausa translation), a forum to seek for fatwa on any Islamic issue, weekly Juma’a Khutba topics, etc.